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 Planing Your Move:
  • Please call us to confirm the date of the Removal.

  • Packing materials will be delivered on a day convenient to yourself.

  • Continuity of staff is at the top of A-Z House Removal's priorities. The same crew will usually pack and unpack belongings.

  • Carpet and banister protection will be provided before the workforce commences the move.

  • Your move will be completed by fully trained, uniformed staffs, who have in house regulations to adhere to.

  • Correct equipment will be provided for pianos, and other awkward items. Additional items can be specially packed to provide safe easy transport.

  • Access is good but not always possible. Your vendor should be able to tell you of any problems such as narrow drives or over hanging trees. Please advise the office to avoid unnecessary delays.

  • Leave the last box packed with the things you need for the journey.

  • A-Z House Removals will send a checklist to assist further with planning prior to the move.

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