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How to Start A Rubbish Removal Business in Sutton

Starting a new business in Sutton requires money and time and you need to have a plan before doing it. You need to invest money and time before you start making money from waste disposal. You also need to be aware of the waste management rules and regulations and follow them strictly. Here you can find useful information on how to start a rubbish removal business without going insane or getting bankrupt.


  1. You need to buy vans or a single van


This is the first thing to do as you will need a vehicle to transport the rubbish to the recycling centre in Sutton or your depot (if you have one). You will need a place where you will be able to sort your rubbish before transporting it to the recycling plant. The rubbish removal process requires hard work and heavy lifting that is why you need to buy a sturdy and modern vehicle. You don’t want it to get broken while you are completing jobs.


  1. You need to employ staff


You cannot declutter homes and carry out huge rubbish removal jobs on your own. For starters, you will need a person or 2 to help you with the heavy lifting and driving. Hire people you can rely on, don’t hire just anyone. Employ people with experience in this industry and driving licences. They need to be background-checked and efficient so invest some time in the employment process to avoid mistakes. Better be safe than sorry.


  1. You need to register your waste collection company


If you don’t register you can be fined £5,000. Whether you are planning on operating in Sutton or all over London, you need to be registered as a waste carrier. The process is easy and takes around 15 minutes. You can do it online via the government department website. If you want to have a legal business you need to register and avoid getting fined. The registration will cost you only £154.


  1. You need to buy equipment and clothing


It is important to protect your health and the health of your employees by proving clothing for work and protective gloves and shoes. You need to buy shovels, rakes, garbage bins and bags. You need to be equipped to handle any type of job and satisfy the rubbish disposal needs of your clients. If you are prepared for different types of jobs it will be easier for you to complete many jobs and make money. You need to establish yourself as a reliable waste removal services provider if you want to start making money.


  1. You need to be insured


The first question your potential clients will ask you is whether you are insured. You need to be covered by insurance to avoid nasty surprises. You will get more clients if they have peace of mind that you are insured. You will make more money if you offer them a money back guarantee as they will be confident that you will do the Sutton rubbish removal to a high standard.


  1. You need internet and computer access, and communication equipment


You need to advertise your business in the Sutton area. You need to create a website or place ads in different websites where your customers can find your contact details. You need to have internet access all the time and communicate with your clients. Lack of communication can lead to lack of clients. If you receive negative reviews, this can damage your reputation. So answer the reviews and contact the people who are not satisfied with your work to ask them where you were wrong. This way you will improve your customer service.


  1. Recycle the rubbish you collect


It is useless to say that you need to dispose of the waste you collect in an environmentally friendly way. You need to comply with the rules set by the Environment Agency in order to avoid heavy fines. Never dump junk in the landfills or fly tip! Make sure that you recycle around 85-90% of the rubbish you collect in Sutton. Keep in mind that most of your potential customers will ask you how you dispose of their waste because there are many people concerned about environmental pollution.


  1. Maintain your reputation


After you start your business and establish as a reputable service provider you need to keep your reputation flawless. You should make sure that you work with the customer in mind not your pocket. Managing a waste removal business is easy if you know how to treat your customers.


If you start a business today you will not make money in the first two months of operation. But after you become an established waste collection service provider you will make lots of money. Don’t be hasty; provide your clients with quality services and you will soon reap the benefits of having a successful business.

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